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It’s Time For Your Success Story

Great Value

Learn a lot podcast guest Chris Naugle on infinite banking. Good to learn also that these entrepreneurs are not only about making money, but also about helping others genuinely, and in leaving a worthwhile legacy. You would want to hang out with them.

- Barb P.

The Best

You can count on Cody and his group of friends to teach and motivate you to be the most successful you can be! Every podcast is jampacked with knowledge and aha moments! Nobody else delivers what they do and you can discover that for yourself!!

- Jimmy M.

All Star Investing Group

Cody and team are amazing. I have followed cover investor for a few years now. I have taken many of their online courses and they have a great team and support system. I work full-time, and invest part-time. Learning from Cody has been instrumental to my growth and scale.

- Ken V.

Complimentary Legal Entity Creation

Our friends over at Prime Corporate Services agreed to set up a complimentary LLC for any of my students for FREE!

(just pay State filing fees)

$2,000 Value

6-Months* Deal Automator With A.I.
Recession Proof Profits Course
Building A Powerful Brand With A.I.

Fast Action Bonus #1

Free House Formula

A step-by-step creative finance investing system that teaches you how to bypass the banks and acquire cashflowing rental properties for little to no money out of your pocket!

Fast Action Bonus #2

Negotiation & Influence Training For Real Estate Investors

Master the art of getting more “YESES” from sellers, buyers, and private lenders with this in-depth training course on sales, persuasion, negotiation, and influence.

Fast Action Bonus #3

6 Months Access To My “Do Deals With Me” Partnership Program

Submit your locked-up deals to my team through your private secret portal and we will sell your deal to our network of over 1 Million Cash Buyers and split any profits we make with you 50/50!

Fast Action Bonus #4

Fully Trained Real Estate VA’s

I have a team of *8 fully trained VA’s on standby to help you get deals done.  Why hire your own at first when you can simply use mine!

Fast Action Bonus #5

FREE Business Consulting Call with one of my Business Development Consultants

It can difficult running a business and just as hard to identify what needs to be fixed, optimized or removed to help you reach the next level in your business. My Business Development team will help you build a custom game plan to hit your goals no matter what they are.

Fast Action Bonus #6

Lifetime Access To Our Private Discord Investing Community

The power of a community is instant access to answers from experienced investors and my team of coaches. You can network, find deals, raise capital & gain skills all within a community that’s all committed to growing together!

Fast Action Bonus #7

2 Tickets To Come To My Office For An In-Office Training Experience

We host multiple events per year from deal making workshops where we work live leads to creative finance workshops to wealth building workshops where we cover owning multi family, self storage, & mobile home parks.

Complimentary Legal Entity Creation

Our friends over at Prime Corporate Services agreed to set up a complimentary  LLC for any of my students for FREE!

(just pay State filing fees)

$2,000 Value